Organic Ylang Ylang & Lime Universal Styling Cream


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Accentuates natural curls, reduces frizz and perfect for blow drying.

Accentuates curls, reduces frizz & improves hair lustre. Creates super sleek & smooth hair for blow drying.

With a new and improved formula our Universal Styling Cream brings benefits to your hair and body with Certified Organic Lemongrass, Lime and Ylang Ylang which are all proven to assist with the condition of hair and scalp.

The Hibiscus flower gives suppleness to hair fibres, contributes to fortifying hair, reduces greasy hair appearance, increases brightness and brings a silky touch to the hair. The key benefit of the Hibiscus flower is improvement in lustre which is obtained by repairing damaged polysaccharides on the keratin chain.

Kerarice is naturally derived from the rice plant and is an active ingredient bursting with amino acids & peptides, specifically designed to protect hair fibres from the oxidative damage generated by solar radiation UVA and UVB

150 mL Bottle


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